“La Villetta Hotel” is just a 5 minute walk from the historic center of Sarzana and the railway station FS. Sarzana is a beautiful town full of history located in the center of the Valley of the Magra river, an enviable position as it’s full of open spaces and is an important crossroads between Tuscany and Liguria. It preserves the ancient walls dating back to the fifteenth century, erected by the Genoese, while on the hill, which you reach through 2 km. of scenic road, there is the Fortress of Sarzanello: from here you can admire a fantastic view of the valley below.

You will find a wide range of sports on this vast territory: trekking, jogging, excursions on horseback, bicycle riding in the locality of “Marinella of Sarzana”, on the hills and along the coast. The choice is between land and sea sports, they stand side by side. Thanks to both the beautiful beaches of “Fiumaretta” and “Marinella”, which you will reach in just 11 min. by car from the “Hotel La Villetta”, and the gorgeous sea near the mouth of the “Magra” river, you may also practice beach volleyball, windsurfing, kite surfing, canoeing and sailing. Bocca di Magra is another holiday hot spot, it’s located where the river flows placidly into the sea and attracts many tourists especially during the summer thanks to its equipped private beach, busy harbor, gorgeous restaurants and the beautiful river promenade. It also boasts a fantastic Roman Villa right between the river and the sea.

To see: the historic center of this village, the “Cittadina Medicea, the Diocesan Museum, the walls and Towers, the Church of Sant’Andrea, a Romanesque Parish Church renovated in the XIV and XVI centuries, the Church of San Francesco, containing valuable works of art including paintings by “Fiasella” called "il Sarzana", the Capuchin Convent, the “Picedi-Benedictine”, “Magni Griffi”, “Picedi”, “Remedi”, “Massa Neri”, “Podestà Lucciardi” Palaces, the “Palazzo Vescovile”, the “Palazzo del Comune” in “Piazza Matteotti”, “Piazza Garibaldi” and the “Impavidi Theater”. The Co-Cathedral of “Santa Maria Assunta” has precious Baroque decorations inside; it also boasts the painted Crucifix (Romanesque; 1138) and the Coronation of Mary (marble altarpiece of the “Riccomanni”; 1433), both remarkable works of art.


Events not to be missed in Sarzana:

Festival of the Mind - first week in September
Sarzana Napoleon Biennial Festival – End of September
Attic in the Street – August
International Guitar Meeting – May
National Antiques Show – August
Calandriniana – Live Laboratories on How a Painting is Born – August
Sarzana in the Dining Room – August
Entrances in Bloom and Music Festival and Fairy Tales – May
Stands and Stands of Books – End of May/First part of June
District Race – End of June/First part of July
Crossing Borders – Music and Sounds International Festival - July
The Hazelnut Fair - April
The Piedmont Regional Market - March
The “From Forte Dei Marmi Market” - Once a month over the weekend
The French Market - September
The Celebration of the Patron Saint “Sant'Andrea” - November
The Autumn Festival - November
The Piano Festival - Beginning of August
The National Meeting of Circus Schools – April May